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If you're tired of dragging hoses across your lawn every time you have to water, then it's time to have an automatic lawn sprinkler system installed. Hydro-Tech Irrigation, Co. has been in business for 25 years specializing in design, installation, maintenance and repair of commercial, residential and athletic field irrigation sprinkler systems throughout Northern Virginia, Maryland and the DC Metro area. Our experts use quality parts provided by Hunter, Rainbird, Toro and Irritrol. An irrigation system professionally installed by Hydro-Tech Irrigation, Co is a critical component in having a beautiful green yard and healthy landscaping. Our highly trained and expert staff is dedicated to installing and maintaining the best irrigation systems possible and insuring our customers full satisfaction.

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At Hydro-Tech Irrigation, Co., we specialize in residential and commercial sprinkler and irrigation solutions. We are dedicated to the details and perform every service with exactness. Our team has experience working with every level of customer, from contractors to government officials to homeowners. Our comprehensive services serve a large clientele throughout Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC.

The typical home uses approximately 260 gallons of water daily with 30 percent of that being used for watering lawns and gardens. Experts have estimated about half of the water used for landscaping purposes is wasted because of evaporation and runoff that results from too much watering. Installing ... Read more

Three Tips to Help You Save

We love and appreciate the beauty of nature and we want you to have an amazing looking lawn while preserving water and saving you money. The following tips are designed to help your plants and grass obtain the necessary amount of water:

*Water your outdoor plants and grass early in the morning, the ... Read more
Core aeration is the removal of small cores of soil and thatch from your lawn.
Aeration is beneficial for your lawn in a number of ways. Aeration will overcome compacted soil. Compacted soils make it difficult for roots to grow, limiting the movement of air, moisture and fertilizer through the soil.
Aeration will reduce your water requirements. By relieving soil compaction, water penetration is increased and water run-off is reduced. Read more

"It is our mission to be the best irrigation company in the greater Washington area by supporting our employees in their personal development and growth and by delivering first-class services and top-quality products to our customers."

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