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Sprinkler in a Grass — Hydro-Tech Irrigation, Co. in Sterling VA
Beautiful Lawn — Hydro-Tech Irrigation, Co. in Sterling VA
Beautiful Flower — Hydro-Tech Irrigation, Co. in Sterling VA
Here is a brief overview of our services, but please visit the respective pages if you would like a more in-depth look at our specialties.
  • A sprinkler turn-on service is needed once the snow has melted and the temperatures start rising. Our professionals look at all aspects of the system to make sure things will flow smoothly.
  • Irrigation system repair and installation is a common service throughout this region of the US because of the nutrient-rich soil. Irrigation provides needed moisture to the property or land and allows the natural elements to grow and thrive. We are qualified to offer repair services or install a brand-new system.
  • Sprinkler system repair and installation. Some homeowners have a sprinkler system, but it doesn't always work effectively or efficiently. We can evaluate your current system and identify any obvious problems.
  • Winterization services are extremely important for the cold climate areas we service. This service will ensure your systems remain intact throughout the brutal winter months and be ready to water grass in the early spring.
  • Aeration and overseeding with premium grass seed is offered during the months of August - September. We are currently offering these services to customers residing in Alexandria, Fairfax County/City, Loudoun and Prince William counties.
  • Backflow Testing is offered to our customers residing in Virginia.
Read more now about your needed service or skip the explanations and call us directly to schedule a service for your property.